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In this series of virtual sessions, we will develop specific adaptation actions for a sample of projects within the broader San Bernardino Mountains focus area (demonstrations). These demonstrations will be used in a Climate-Informed Vegetation Management Plan to show how to translate broad adaptation ideas for the San Bernardino Mountains into specific, place-based actions. To do this participants will use the Adaptation Workbook to:

  • Work with a project team to outline goals and objectives for a specific projects.
  • Consider climate change impacts to the project area, and consider management challenges and opportunities.
  • Develop specific, place based adaptation tactics.¬†
  • Discuss how different adaptation actions may apply to the broader San Bernardino Mountains focus area, and how to monitor actions for success.

Below, please see materials from the Regional Forest Climate Conversation (May 28, 2020) and find a preliminary draft agenda for our fall virtual workshop.

Dates for the workshop will be selected in August based on input from a Doodle poll (shared via email).

Co-hosts and collaborators
  • American Forests
  • Mojave Desert RCD