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In this series of virtual sessions (October 20, 27, 29), we will develop specific adaptation actions for a sample of projects within the broader San Bernardino Mountains focus area (demonstrations). These demonstrations will be used in a Climate-Informed Vegetation Management Plan to show how to translate broad adaptation ideas for the San Bernardino Mountains into specific, place-based actions. To do this participants will use the Adaptation Workbook to:

  • Work with a project team to outline goals and objectives for a sample projects.
  • Consider climate change impacts to the project area, and consider management challenges and opportunities.
  • Develop specific, place based adaptation tactics.¬†
  • Discuss how different adaptation actions may apply to the broader San Bernardino Mountains focus area.

Below, please see materials from the Regional Forest Climate Conversation (May 28, 2020) and find a preliminary draft agenda for our fall virtual workshop.

If you have not yet completed the pre-workshop survey, please fill it out here.

Please RSVP directly to the calendar invites for this Workshop! Exact times are:

  • October 20th, 1 - 3pm PST
  • October 27th, 9 - 11am PST
  • October 29th, 9 - 11am PST
Co-hosts and collaborators
  • American Forests
  • Mojave Desert RCD
  • USDA California Climate Hub