Forests define the character, culture, and economy of this large region but face an uncertain future as the climate continues to change.

As ecosystems continue to respond to  a changing climate, individuals and organizations tasked with managing these ecosystems will benefit from re-examining their priorities, objectives, and tactics. We have developed tools and resources that help natural resources professionals incorporate climate change considerations into existing management frameworks.  

Effects from Climate Change

Forests vary widely across the region, and the effects on these ecosystems will depend on local changes in climate and the capacity of ecosystems to adapt. Not all forests are equally at risk. Climate change vulnerability assessments for describe key impacts to forests within a particular ecoregion. 

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Adaptation in Action

There is no single answer on how to best adapt to climate change, and adaptation responses will vary by location based upon the magnitude of climate impacts, the inherent resilience of ecosystems, and the values and resources of local communities. We have created resources to help land managers anticipate climate change impacts and identify adaptation actions.

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     Forest management on Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area

     Mass Audobon: Elm Hill Forest Management Project

The Adaptation Workbook can help you consider the potential effects of climate change and design land management and conservation actions that can help prepare for changing conditions.

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Work with Us

We provide training and technical assistance to natural resource professionals and land owners to support climate-informed land management. Examples of our work include:

  • Assessing the vulnerability of forests to climate change.
  • Organizing and facilitating workshops related to climate change impacts and ecosystem adaptation. In particular, Forest Adaptation Planning and Practices workshops provide active, hands-on training to help natural resources managers incorporate climate change considerations into their own real-world management projects. 
  • Identifying and developing tools to aid adaptation of forests to climate change.
  • Developing real-world examples of climate-informed forest management across a variety of land types and ownerships.

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Featured Resources

There are so many resources on this topic that it can be hard to know where to start. We've created this list to feature our favorite resources. Want more? Use the Resource Finder to view more of what we've developed through the Climate Change Response Framework, or visit the Adaptation Workbook to discover even more!