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The Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science and University partners offered the Forest Adaptation Planning and Practices training as an online, six-week course! 

This unique opportunity provides hands-on training in considering climate change information and identifying adaptation actions for natural resources management and conservation. Participants will receive coaching and feedback on their own real-world climate adaptation project. The online Adaptation Workbook tool is featured, with special course features and additional materials.

Through this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify locally-important climate change impacts, challenges, and opportunities
  • Develop specific actions to adapt forests to changing conditions
  • Use the Adaptation Workbook to create their own “climate-informed” projects
  • Better communicate with stakeholders about key climate change impacts, challenges, and opportunities
  • Access post-training support from NIACS staff during project planning and implementation
Additional materials
Co-hosts and collaborators

This training will be led by a team of experienced instructors specializing in climate adaptation:

Molly Roske, University of Minnesota Molly focuses on silviculture in the context of climate change, in close collaboration with NIACS staff and a network of academic and government research partners. She also performs design and delivery of outreach publications and programs communicating research findings and forest management implications to a wide-ranging audience of land stewardship professionals. A proud Minnesota native, Molly is out paddling, running, camping and playing Ultimate Frisbee as often as she can.

Maria Janowiak, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science & US Forest Service Maria Janowiak is the coordinator for the New England Climate Change Response Framework, serving the states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Maria is also a co-coordinator of the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework, with an emphasis on northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s western Upper Peninsula. Maria has been working with land managers on issues related to climate change and adaptation since 2007. Outside of work, Maria is often found spending time with her bicycles and garden.

Stephen Handler, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science & US Forest Service As a Climate Change Specialist at NIACS, his primary role is to coordinate the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. This effort includes preparing vulnerability assessments, engaging stakeholders across the forestry community, and planning demonstration activities to model climate-informed forest management. Stephen spends his free time cutting, splitting, stacking, and carrying firewood.