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During this active, hands-on workshop, community forestry professionals will work to understand the impacts of climate change at local scales ,  determine the vulnerability of their forests to climate change, and develop real-world adaptation actions. 

This workshop is designed for municipal foresters, forest preserve district managers, parks departments, planners, and other urban and community forestry professionals in Northeatern Ohio that are interested in actively enhancing the ability of forests to cope with changing conditions. Through this workshop, participants will:

  • Describe local effects of climate change on their urban forests 
  • Understand which trees in there area are the most or least  vulnerable to local climate change impacts 
  • Assess the vulnerability of their community forest
  • Incorporate climate change considerations and identify actions for adaptation into their own real-world forest management projects

Day 1 will focus on climate change impacts and vulnerability and adaptation concepts, while day 2 will focus on developing specific adaptation projects. Participants are encouraged to bring a current project they are undertaking where they can incorporate climate change considerations. 

This session is being organized by the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science, US Forest Service, USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub, and Holden Arboretum.

Co-hosts and collaborators

Leslie Brandt - Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science & US Forest Service

Leslie serves as coordinator for the Urban Forestry Climate Change Response Framework. She has led trainings for the general public and urban forestry professionals on climate change impacts and adaptation in the Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Philadelphia, and Twin Cities regions. She also coordinates the Central Hardwoods Climate Change Response Framework in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri and is currently involved in a climate assessment for the state of Indiana.


Patricia Leopold - Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science & Michigan Technological University, USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub

Patricia serves as coordinator for the Climate Change Response Framework projects in the Central Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic regions. She has recently assisted the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to complete a vulnerability assessment and adaptation plan. Patricia continues to work with partners in both regions to incorporate climate change into planning and management.