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Foresters and natural resource professionals face a tremendous challenge: how can we develop and implement management actions that help ecosystems respond to climate change? This workshop was held in June 2018 at University of Connecticut for foresters and land managers.

Connecticut Forestry in a Changing Climate from Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Example Management Plans that Incorporate Climate Change

A variety of Adaptation Demonstrations have been developed to show how climate change considerations can be considered as part of land management activities. The following list provides some examples of projects that have included climate change as a component in a written forest management or forest stewardship plan. Copies of the plans are available as links at the bottom of each page. This template text can be used to start a climate change section within your own management plans.

Co-hosts and collaborators


Maria Janowiak, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science & US Forest Service

Maria Janowiak is Deputy Director for the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science. She coordinates for the New England Climate Change Response Framework, serving the states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Maria has been working with land managers on issues related to climate change and adaptation since 2007.