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This project includes rebuilding and restoring a small wetland area, while seeking out input and involvement from elders and youth in the community.

Project Area

Map showing location of wetland restoration project
This small 0.25 acre wetland habitat is located on Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma (ITO) trust land at the tribal complex. It is in the Central Great Plains Level III ecoregion and the Cross Timbers Transition Level IV ecoregion. The wetland was previously used for education and outreach, and needs to be rebuilt and restored.

Management Goals

Wetland pond circa 2006

The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma wishes to rebuild and restore this small wetland for habitat and educational value. The improved wetland will provide habitat for amphibians, migrating butterflies and other pollinators, and provide a water source for small wildlife species. Providing access for children and tribal citizens to gather and get close to the wetland for education and enjoyment is an important component of this project.

Challenges and Opportunities

Climate change will present challenges and opportunities for accomplishing the management objectives of this project, including:


Seasonal changes in precipitation may affect water levels in the wetland, affecting both habitat value and access
Designing a wetland to accommodate fluctuations in precipitation could be expensive
Seeds will need proper conditions to sprout and bud, which could be a challenge during dry periods
Erratic weather, such as high spring rainfall, intense heat, and drought could strain the ecosystem.


Potential increases in precipitation could increase survival of seeds, improving conditions for them to sprout and bud.

Adaptation Actions

Project participants used the Adaptation Workbook to develop several adaptation actions for this project, including:

Entire site
Request elder input in long-term management plan for the site.
Consult elders on appropriate language for interpretive materials.
In the maintenance plan, include a strategy on how to involve the Iowa youth program and day care.


Project participants identified several monitoring items that could help inform future management, including:

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