Wetland Adaptation in Wisconsin

We partnered with the Wisconsin Initiative for Climate Change Impacts - Plants and Natural Communities Group to host a one day adaptation workshop in Lake Geneva, February 23, 2018. This workshop helped practitioners to identify actions that enhance wetland ecosystems to adapt to changing conditions. Following the 2018 Wetland Science Conference this active, hands-on workshop used the Adaptation Workbook to consider climate change impacts and identify adaptation options in real-world management situations.

Step-by-step instruction using the Adaptation Workbook, and small group exercises was provided by professional facilitators from the USDA Climate Hubs, and the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science.  Individuals in attendance were encouraged to attend the first day of the Wetland Science Conference, and required to attend the second day (February 22).

*Pre-workshop webinar (below)*

<< download webinar slides can be found here >>


Helpful resources:

     - Broad Community Factsheet on Climate Change Vulnerability for Non-forested Wetlands (download here)

     - Broad Community Factsheet on Climate Change Vulnerability for Great Lakes Shorelines (download here)

     - All other climate change vulnerability assessments for specific natural communities, including Open Bog, Poor Fen, etc. (download here)


Additional resources:


Please contact Danielle Shannon, Todd Ontl, and Amy Staffen with questions.