Chris Swanston

Title: Scientist
Region(s): All Climate Change Response Framework Regions
Phone: 906-482-6303 x1320

Dr. Chris Swanston (US Forest Service) works with numerous organizations to help them reach their land stewardship goals while considering and planning for climate change. Chris is presently the acting director of the US Forest Service Office of Sustainability and Climate and was previously the director of the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS), a partnership led by the US Forest Service and designed as a boundary-spanning organization providing climate adaptation services to land managers. 

He also serves as director of the USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub and project leader for the USFS Northern Research Station’s Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Sciences research group. Chris is co-chair of the USFS Climate Change Resource Center, appointee to the North American Forest Commission Atmospheric and Climate Change Working Group, and is on the science steering group of the International Soil Carbon Network. 

Chris received a BS degree from Humboldt State University in forest soils and ecology, and MS and PhD degrees from Oregon State University in forest science. Originally from California, Chris is embracing his home in the upper Midwest through hunting (sitting quietly in the snow), ice fishing (sitting quietly on the ice), snowshoeing and snowshoe running (moving to keep warm), and trail running (running from mosquitoes and black flies). Chris is a member of The American Society of Adaptation Professionals.

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