Urban forests will experience local climate change impacts in the coming decades. To reduce these impacts, urban forest managers will need to adapt their management, but often lack the specialized knowledge and tools to do so.

The overall goal of this effort is to ensure that urban forests will continue to provide benefits to the people that live in urban communities as the climate changes. The Urban Forestry Framework project is in the beginning stages of planning and development. We are seeking urban forestry professionals from variety of organizations, both public and private, to work toward this goal by accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Engage with communities across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest that are interested in adapting their urban forest management to climate change.
  • Work with these communities to assess the vulnerability of their urban forests to climate change.
  • Identify and/or develop tools to aid adaptation of urban forests to climate change.
  • Develop real-world examples of climate-informed management of urban forests.

Beginning in 2014, we developed a pilot project to test these ideas in the Chicago region. 

You can learn more about the activities of the Urban Climate Change Response Framework project by using the menu above to explore Partnerships, Vulnerability Assessments, Forest Adaptation Resourcesand Demonstration Projects in this region.

Please contact Leslie Brandt to learn more about this effort.