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The White Mountain National Forest is using the Adaptation Workbook to consider climate change adaptation during the planning/scoping process for the Lost River Integrated Resource Project. This landing page is a place to share resources with team members.


  • Use the Adaptation Workbook process to consider climate change impacts as part of the planning process. 
  • Enable team members to become familiar with observed and projected climate change trends and consider how climate change impacts will affect resource areas. 
  • Evaluate the Proposed Action and discuss potential adaptation actions to account for climate change. 


April 25th (2-3pm ET, Zoom): Introductory webinar to introduce the Adaptation Workbook (Chapter 5 of the Forest Adaptation Resources toolkit) and the New England Forest Vulnerability Assessment as well as additional resources relevant to assessing and evaluating climate change impacts on the project site.

Individuals used the adaptation toolkit resources to assess and evaluate climate change impacts relevant to the project site between the April webinar and the August workshop. 

August 16th: The project interdisciplinary team used the Adaptation Workbook (Chapter 5 of the Forest Adaptation Resources toolkit) to identify climate change considerations related to this project. The Adaptation Workbook provides a structured process for integrating climate change considerations into management planning and activities. Using this approach during project planned helps document how changes in climate are expected to affect the project area and identify management actions to reduce potential risks and ensure the sustainability of ecosystems and resources.

Download worksheets from the Adaptation Workbook: Steps 1-3 worksheets are due to Samantha and Danielle on August 1, 2023

Step 1 Worksheet

Step 2 Worksheet

Step 3 Worksheet

Step 4 Worksheet

Step 5 Worksheet

Download the Excel Version of the Adaptation Workbook


New England Vulnerability Assessment 

New England Climate Change Vulnerability Story Map 

Northern Forest Climate Change Tree Atlas

New Hampshire/Northern New England climate change resources

Adaptation menus (Individuals may choose an Adaptation Menu of Strategies and Approaches appropriate for the project objectives: Forests, Recreation, Forest Carbon, Wildlife, Forested Watershed, etc.)