Unpack a few of our adaptation strategies and approaches

This webinar describes some of the adaptation strategies and approaches that are currently available and applicable to urban forests, forested watersheds, wildlife management and tribal perspectives. Land managers can use these resources with the Adaptation Workbook to customize appropriate actions based on their unique project location and goals. Find all menus of adaptation strategies and approaches at: www.forestadaptation.org/strategies.

Background: Climate change presents new challenges for land owners and natural resource managers interested in sustaining healthy forested ecosystems over the long term. The Northern Institute of Applied Science's Climate Change Response Framework has led the development of climate adaptation strategies and approaches to help natural resource professionals respond to site-specific vulnerabilities. These approaches have been designed for a variety of natural resource topics, which can be used with the Adaptation Workbook.



Recorded on Tuesday October 15, 2019 by the University of Minnesota Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative (sfec.cfans.umn.edu)