Title page of Healthy Forests for Our Future Guide, featuring children running in the forest

The Nature Conservancy and NIACS partnered to create a new Healthy Forests for Our Future Management Guide, which introduces and describes 10 forest management practices designed to increase carbon storage in the hardwood forests of New England and New York. The audience for the Guide is landowners who might be trying to decide (in consultation with their forester) what practices fit their needs and goals, as well as foresters and harvesters who might be implementing these practices on the ground. Using the NIACS Forest Carbon Management menu as starting point, creators of this guide used the best available science and expert opinions to narrow it to a short list of practices that are most likely to increase carbon stocks within a 20 year period (and usually much sooner). Input from stakeholders—including foresters, landowners, loggers, scientists, state agencies, and conservation organizations—and carbon modeling were essential to developing the practices.