The region's forests will be affected by a changing climate during this century, but individual tree species will respond uniquely to climate change, depending on their particular silvics and ecological tolerances. These handouts summarize general climate change projections for tree species across several large landscapes in the Mid-Atlantic region based on future projections from the Climate Change Tree Atlas and LANDIS models. The general trends derived from these models can be combined with local knowledge and management experience to judge risk on a particular site.

The following documents provide summarized lists of projected tree species responses to climate change.

  • Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Western Allegheny Plateau (Subregion 1)
  • Erie and Ontario Lake Plain (Subregion 2)
  • Northern Allegheny Plateau (Subregion 3)
  • Ridge and Valley (Subregion 4)
  • Piedmont (Subregion 5)
  • Coastal Plains¬†(Subregion 6)

Additional details are available in the Mid-Atlantic Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment currently under development for the region (visit here for more information).