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The 2022 SFI Forest Management Standard includes a new “Climate-Smart Forestry Objective,” which sets expectations for SFI certified organizations related to climate change risk assessment, adaptation, and carbon management. This workshop is designed to help the Maryland Forest Service complete a climate change risk analysis and adaptation plan on State certified lands.

Specifically, this workshop will help the Maryland Forest Service to:

  • Discuss potential climate change impacts to the Forest Service and SFI managed forests and develop 2-3 regional risk assessments
  • Identify potential adaptation actions to address priority climate impacts
  • Determine how this information will be shared among Forest Service staff


  1. A ranked list of climate impacts and vulnerabilities for certified forest lands in eastern and western Maryland
  2. An initial list of adaptation actions to consider implementing on SFI certified land


9:00       Introductions and Workshop Objectives (Rob Feldt, Acting State Forester)

9:30       Climate Impacts and Vulnerabilities on State Certified Lands - Presentation

10:45     Break

11:00     Risk Assessment – Break out groups for eastern and western Maryland

1:00       Lunch

1:30       Climate Change Adaptation Concepts – Presentation

2:00       Identify and Evaluate Adaptation Actions – Break out groups for eastern and western Maryland

2:45       Break

3:00       Adaptation Actions – Large Group Discussion and Next Steps

4:00       Adjourn!


Climate Change Tree Atlas for Ecoregions in Maryland

RSA Ecoregions in MD

One-page Summaries of Adaptation Menus of Strategies and Approaches (longer versions available here). 

Additional Climate Change Resources by Topic Area