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Climate Change and Southern New England Forests was organized to enable natural resource professionals integrate climate change considerations into management and conservation. About 90 professionals attended the event, which:

  • Provided information on the current and anticipated effects of climate change on Southern New England and its forests
  • Described resources and tools that can be used to integrate climate change into resource conservation
  • Outlined adaptation concepts and strategies in the context of sustainable forest management
  • Identified actions that enhance the ability of forests and other ecosystems to adapt to changing conditions



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We also hosted a Forest Adaptation Planning and Practices session on September 24 for a limited number of participants. This unique opportunity provided hands-on training to help natural resource managers incorporate climate change considerations into management planning and activities. 

Co-hosts and collaborators


Maria Janowiak, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science & US Forest Service

Maria Janowiak is Deputy Director for the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science. She coordinates for the New England Climate Change Response Framework, serving the states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Maria has been working with land managers on issues related to climate change and adaptation since 2007.



Patricia Leopold - Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science & Michigan Technological University, USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub

Patricia serves as coordinator for the Climate Change Response Framework projects in the Central Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic regions. She has recently assisted the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to complete a vulnerability assessment and adaptation plan. Patricia continues to work with partners in both regions to incorporate climate change into planning and management.