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The Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science is partnering with Michigan Technological University on a graduate-level special topics course.  This course provides an overview of climate science, effects on forested ecosystems, and adaptation options for natural resource management in the Great Lakes region.  The Adaptation Workbook climate adaptation framework will be used to develop climate change adaptation plans for real-world forested ecosystems, and students will learn how to communicate these climate change projects and plans with others.


This is an online graduate-level 3-credit course through Michigan Technological University.  Students will need to enroll and be accepted into Michigan Tech’s graduate school to take this course.  Visit to find more information about applying, admittance, and signing up for classes. 

All class materials and assignments will be available online using the Canvas digital learning environment.  Throughout this course, students will develop an adaptation plan for land management that is unique to them and their specific area.  There is no final exam for this course, instead, at the end of the semester students will turn in their adaptation plan in place of a final exam.  Topics that will be covered include:

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Forest Management
  • Climate Science Basics
  • Climate Science Basics - Models
  • Climate Change Effects
  • Vulnerability
  • Evaluating Management Objectives
  • Adaptation
  • Adaptation in Different Ecosystems
  • Carbon Management
  • Monitoring
  • Climate Change Communication
Co-hosts and collaborators

Kailey is a Climate Change Education Specialist with NIACS, working with the Climate Change Resource Center to expand online education materials.  She focuses on developing interactive modules and other graphic visualization materials to make climate change science more accessible, fun, and understandable for everyone.

Contact Kailey with questions about this course.

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