NIACS has developed a new resource for forest managers to use in adaptation planning: a menu of adaptation strategies and approaches developed for carbon management. This menu focuses on vegetation management, and is suited for those preparing ecosystems for changing conditions.

This document is intended to complement the forest adaptation strategies and approaches found in the Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers publication developed by the Climate Change Response Framework to help land managers consider climate change and increase the ability of forests to cope with climate change impacts. It does not provide specific recommendations, but rather serves as a decision-support tool for incorporating adaptation considerations into current management objectives. We designed this resource to be used with the Adaptation Workbook, a structured decision-support tool for climate adaptation planning. Contact Todd Ontl for more information.

Read the peer-reviewed publication (free-download)

Cite as: Ontl, T.A., Swanston, C.W., Janowiak, M.K., Daley, J. Practitioner’s menu of adaptation strategies and approaches for forest carbon management. In: Ontl, T.A, Janowiak, M.K., Swanston, C.W., Daley, J., Handler, S.D., Cornett, M., Hagenbuch, S., Handrick, C., McCarthy, L., Patch, N. 2020. Forest management for carbon sequestration and climate adaptation. Journal of Forestry 118(1):86-101. doi:10.1093/jofore/fvz062.

Interactive version of the menu

Download the one page summarized menu of Forest Carbon Management Adaptation Strategies and Approaches (pdf link below):