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This webinar series was designed to facilitate greater collaboration between Tribal Nations and associated National Forests. Specifically, these sessions helped interested Tribal and National Forest staff understand the Tribal Forest Protection Act (TFPA) and how TFPA projects can help advance shared priorities for climate change adaptation. The TFPA allows federally recognized tribes to propose projects to be conducted on Forest Service land to reduce threats to tribal lands and values. Over 260 people registered for this two-part series! 

The webinar recordings, presentations, and TFPA resources are posted below. 

This event is supported by our partners

This webinar series was the result of contributions from many organizations, including the Tribal Adaptation Menu author team, GLIFWC, Intertribal Timber Council, USForest Service, and USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub. Funding was provided by Forest Service Research & Development, through the Northern Research Station. 

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