A resource for California forest managers to use in adaptation planning is available - a menu of adaptation strategies and approaches for Calilfornia Forests. The USDA California Climate Hub has released a menu of adaptation strategies offering flexible, yet tangible, options for integrating climate change considerations into California forest management. It reflects the context of the state's forests and is informed by a synthesis of California forest adaptation literature. 

This document includes a set of adaptation strategies and approaches that can be used with the Adaptation Workbook, originally developed by the Climate Change Response Framework and published in the Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers. This resource was designed to help land managers consider climate change and increase the ability of ecosystems to cope with climate change impacts. It does not provide specific recommendations but rather serves as a decision-support tool for incorporating adaptation considerations into current management objectives. One of the major challenges of adapting forest ecosystems to climate change is translating broad concepts into specific, tangible actions. This menu of adaptation strategies and approaches provides options for adaptation actions to support integrating climate change considerations into management and conservation activities. 

Contact Kristen Schmitt for more information.

  • Preferred citation: Swanston, C.W.; Brandt, L.A.; Butler-Leopold, P.R.; Hall, K.R.; Handler, S.D.; Janowiak, M.K.; Merriam, K.; Meyer, M.; Molinari, N.; Schmitt, K.M.; Shannon, P.D.; Smith, J.B.; Wuenschel, A.; Ostoja, S.M 2020. Adaptation Strategies and Approaches for California Forest Ecosystems. USDA California Climate Hub Technical Report CACH-2020-1. Davis, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Climate Hubs. 65 p.

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