National Land Conservation Conference

Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Land Stewardship Plans: Seminar

Climate change poses challenges and opportunities for conservation properties. In this session, participants will consider how climate change affects goals for their own land stewardship projects. Learn how climate change is affecting the ecosystems where you work, and participate in facilitated activities to identify challenges and opportunities for your woods, water, wildlife and other resources. We will use materials developed by the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science's Climate Change Response Framework to develop actions to reduce risk and increase the ability of lands to cope with change.


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Putting a “Climate Change Filter” on Stewardship and Conservation: Workshop

Land trust activities are constantly changing to accommodate new challenges and issues, and it’s becoming increasingly important to develop and implement conservation activities that consider the challenges of a changing and uncertain climate. This fast-paced, dynamic workshop will lead participants through a five-step process to consider how climate change will affect their lands and their conservation goals. This “climate change filter” will then be used to identify actions that enable ecosystems to adapt to changing conditions and address conservation priorities. The session will also include discussion regarding climate change communication to key audiences and stakeholders.