Illinois Department of Natural Resources – Office of Resource Conservation

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The IDNR Office of Resource Conservation includes the Forestry, Fisheries, Wildlife and Heritage divisions as well as some important boards, commissions and other specialties all of which are concerned about climate change.  The Division of Forest Resources’ Stewardship Forester and programs administrator (Paul Deizman) is serving as the lead for our IDNR agency to participate and interact to the climate modeling project for forests for the states of Illinois, Missouri and Indiana.  Paul is a point of contact within the agency and for partners who wish to interact with this climate project and modeling for the the vulnerability assessment for the eco-region involving the greater portion of central and southern Illinois.  Please feel free to contact Paul Deizman at who will be directly communicating with the Illinois State Forester and the IDNR Chief of the Office of Resource Conservation as we collaborate, comment or provide input into and from the framework project. 

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

The IDNR is committed to the science of natural resource management and conservation and embraces scientific facts regarding the issue.  Climate change is a complicated issue to address on the landscape yet the outcomes of the climate framework project and vulnerability assessment are of great importance to the future of resource management and conservation in Illinois as well as to our rich and significant agricultural resources.  The IDNR has a long standing partnership with the Illinois Department of Agriculture and other key agencies within our state.   The IDNR has the ability to begin to mitigate expected climate changes on our state managed lands and cooperatively with 10s of thousands of forest landowners owning nearly 700,000 acres of privately owned managed forests as well as thousands of acres of similar private landowners managing natural heritage sites, wildlife conservation projects and similar natural resource conservation efforts.


Climate change is addressed in the state’s Wildlife Action Plan and will be addresses to at least a similar degree in the state’s Forest Action Plan now being revised and updated. Please look for our updated Forest Action Plan during the calendar year of 2012.   The current Illinois Forest Action Plan may be viewed at