Great Lakes Forest Alliance

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The Great Lakes Forest Alliance supports the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.  Resources and adaptation strategies identified through the Framework are also shared with our members from Ontario. In Wisconsin, the Great Lakes Forest Alliance participates in the Shared Landscapes Initiative (SLI) and is helping to oversee an economic analysis of climate change vulnerabilities in northern Wisconsin. The Alliance is also member of the executive committee helping to implement the Northwoods Framework.

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

The Great Lakes Forest Alliance is a regional alliance of organizations working together to advocate for healthy, sustainable forests; to address issues and opportunities that span political boundaries in the Upper Midwest; and to extol the importance of forests to the economies and way of life in the region.

The Great Lakes Forest Alliance:

  • Raises awareness and knowledge about the forests in our region through formal and   informal education.
  • Builds alliances among the diverse constituencies through the region to foster healthy, sustainable forests.
  • Facilitates and convenes others to generate broad-based public and private support and attract resources to achieve our goals.