American Forest Foundation

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The American Forest Foundation focuses on helping  the small woodland owners of the Northwoods  manage their woodlands with the tools, information and support they need to meet their goals while protecting  wildlife habitat, clean water, jobs,  wood products and other essential forest values.  AFF is a member of the executive committee helping to implement the Northwoods Framework and also provides critical direction and support to the Shared Landscapes Initiative.

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

The American Forest Foundation works with small woodland owners to provide the tools, information and support that help those owners employ strong stewardship on their land. As a result, these management activities help protect wildlife habitat, clean drinking water, and the wood products that America counts on.  These management activities are also essential to helping protect America’s woodlands in the face of a changing climate by helping to ensure the forests can adapt and survive changing conditions over time.