The Trust for Public Land

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) has been helping to develop the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework for almost two years.  TPL’s involvement has  been driven by two factors: 1) TPL’s desire to use land conservation projects in the Northwoods to help address climate change; and 2) a belief that America needs a clear model of how land conservation and creative stewardship can help meet the climate challenge ahead. 

The Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework can meet both of these needs.  Already, TPL is using some of the early science tools to help understand the climate import of potential land conservation projects, and to guide prioritization.  As a model for the nation, the Framework has gained endorsement from the highest levels of the federal government as a groundbreaking model for landscape-scale conservation to address climate change.  If successful, the Framework will be replicated to inform climate smart management of important landscapes across the country.  Read more about TPL's involvement in the Northwoods in the recent "Weather Wise" article.   

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

The Northwoods provides natural resources and ecological services that are essential to our nation today, and will only become more critical in a rapidly changing world.  These include freshwater supplies, forest products, fish and wildlife habitat, and carbon sequestration.  Science-based land conservation and management strategies must be developed and delivered to maintain these important natural assets in the face of climate change.  TPL has developed a new Climate Conservation Program to contribute TPL’s unique skills and resources in urban parks and natural land conservation to help address the climate challenge.  This program focuses on climate mitigation, adapatation, and building "climate-smart communities."

TPL is playing a leading role in conserving the forests and waters of the Northwoods for future generations, by protecting key forests and waterways from development.  Over the last decade, TPL's Northwoods Initiative has helped conserve more than 125,000 acres of the Northwoods’ most precious lands.  TPL is building on this legacy by developing a new generation of historic conservation projects that could add another 100,000 acres or more to conservation lands in the region.  The Framework has immense potential to inform where and when new public land should be acquired to enhance existing holdings, and to improve the management of public land for increased resilience to climate change.