Wetland Adaptation Symposium and Workshop

February 21-23, 2017 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

The two-day symposium focusing on climate change and all wetland types will be held during the Wisconsin Wetlands Association Wetland Science Conference on February 21-22, 2018.  The symposium is open to all Wetland Science Conference attendees.  An interactive workshop (by invitation only) will follow the conference symposium on February 23, and will walk participants through the process of climate adaptation planning for non-forested wetlands.  Workshop participants are required to attend the second day of the Wetland Science Conference (Thursday, February 22). See reverse side of this flier for more details on this workshop.

For information on the adaptation symposium at the Wetland Science Conference (February 21-22), go to: http://conference.wisconsinwetlands.org/symposia/

For information on the Wetland Adaptation Workshop (February 23), go to: www.forestadaptation.org/wi-wetlands


Still have questions?  Contact --  

Amy Staffen (amy.staffen@wisconsin.gov)

WICCI Plants and Natural Communities Working Group



More information on the flyer << download below >>