Shawano County: Forest Stewardship Plan


Wolf River Forestry, LLC, recently updated the Shawano County Forest Stewardship Plan to include climate change considerations. Future actions may include developing adaptation actions for particular forest parcels. 

Project Documents

Shawano County, located in east-central Wisconsin, recently completed a Forest Stewardship Management Plan to describe desired forestry activities on county lands for the next 25 years. Roughly 530 acres are covered in this plan, which is designed to help the county achieve multiple goals including protecting and improving wildlife habitat, maintaining the integrity of wetlands, and enchancing recreational opportunities. Specifically in terms of forest management goals, the county intends to improve timber quality, provide examples of mature forest systems,  and manage for long-lived tree species and large tree diameters. Wolf River Forestry, LLC, prepared the new plan, which includes climate change considerations from the Wisconsin Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and potential adaptation strategies from Forest Adaptation Resources

Going forward, the county may pursue opportunities to implement adaptation tactics for particular forest stands. 


Last updated: 4/9/2014