Menominee Tribal Enterprises

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

Menominee Tribal Enterprises is playing an important role in the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework through its development of an adaptation demonstration project. Through this project, MTE will restore a number of sites that have been affected by the non-native oak wilt disease in order to achieve its management goals and improve the ability of the forest to cope with changing conditions. 

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

Menominee Tribal Enterprises manages 220,000 acres of forest land for the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, with management focusing on maintaining a diversity of species and habitats for cultural and environmental values, while also maximizing the sustainable production of forest products.  It is important to consider the effects of climate change on these lands because of their effects on the ecologic, economic, and social values of the Menominee Tribe.