The Nature Conservancy in Michigan

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The Michigan Chapter of The Nature Conservancy has been participating in the Northwoods Framework in several ways.  TNC staff participated in an expert panel workshop for a climate change vulnerability assessment for Michigan forests.  In spring 2012, TNC staff also helped organize and host a region-wide workshop on Climate Change Adaptation throughout the entire Northwoods.  Finally, Michigan TNC staff are exploring opprotunities to use TNC properties for demonstration projects of climate change adaptation in forest management.

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

TNC staff in Michigan have been involved in other projects related to climate change and forest ecosystems, such as the Forest Scenarios Project with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and other partners.

The Nature Conservancy views climate change as one of the greatest threats to nature and people world-wide. As such, TNC has been at the forefront of adaptation and mitigation work for a number of years. To learn more about how we are working to help real people and places around the world adapt to climate change, please visit the TNC climate change webpage.

For tools, references, news, and other adaptation resources, please visit the TNC Climate Change Adaptation workspace. (You’ll need to get a ConserveOnline account and join the workspace for full access, but both are free and relatively simple.)