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The entire state of Pennsylvania is within the Mid-Atlantic Framework. Pennsylvania is composed of five Ecological Provinces, the Northeastern Mixed Forest (211), Eastern Broadleaf Forest (221), Midwest Broadleaf Forest (222), Outer Coastal Plain Mixed Forest (232), and the Central Appalachian Broadleaf Forest (M221). Understanding and managing the impacts of climate change on the Mid-Atlantic’s diverse forests will help us maintain their many benefits for years to come.

A key step to understanding the potential impacts of climate change in the Mid-Atlantic region is conducting a vulnerability assessment. The Mid-Atlantic Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment is currently in development. For more information, contact Patricia (Butler) Leopold.

Use the menu above to explore Partnerships, Vulnerability Assessments, Forest Adaptation Resources, and Demonstration Projects in Delaware or return to the Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Response Framework.

Please contact Patricia (Butler) Leopold to learn more about this effort.

Demonstration Projects

  • This project involves the reforestation of a 1000-acre, ridge-top area denuded by smelter emissions. Climate change was considered in the selection of tree species for planting.

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  • The Allegheny National Forest is identifying management options that will address climate-related challenges while meeting management goals in even-aged and uneven-aged forest stands that contain riparian areas and wildlife openings.

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  • Managers at the Fort Indiantown Gap National Guard Training Center found that their objective of increasing habitat for the rare regal fritillary butterfly could potentially help populations persist under future climates, while providing more military training area.

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  • Longwood Gardens is analyzing the species to be planted in the gardens for cold hardiness, heat tolerance and longevity. Located in the mid-Atlantic, the seasonal temperatures and rainfall are more apt to change quickly. Many species are at the limit of their range in this area. Selecting wisely will provide less unwanted, unexpected changes in the future.

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  • US Forest Service Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry

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