Climate change is an issue that crosses political boundaries and ownerships. It affects entire landscapes in ways that are not yet fully understood. As knowledge on climate change grows, one point becomes increasingly clear: humans are important in determining how our forests will adapt to the changes ahead. 

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Managers and scientists often have different world views, which is both a strength and a challenge. A disconnect can exist between complex scientific products and the application of data to solve real-world problems. Dialogue between scientists and land managers help scientists gain an understanding of what managers need to know, and also provides managers with an understanding of the scope of the current science. The Climate Change Response Framework makes a significant investment in building partnerships to bridge the gap between scientific research and on-the-ground management response to climate change impacts.

Partnerships within the Framework are designed to:

  • encourage collaboration and communication between organizations and individuals
  • reduce duplication of effort
  • identify information gaps
  • deliver local knowledge to Framework products
  • provide the forestry community with quality information about forests and climate change
  • discuss management challenges and opportunities
  • support climate-informed forest management practices through training opportunities and adaptation demonstration projects 

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