Demonstration Projects

Demonstration projects are real-world examples of how managers have integrated climate considerations into forest management planning and activities. These projects use the partnerships and resources developed through the Framework to test new ideas and actions for responding to changing conditions. Demonstrations come in all shapes and sizes, showing a variety of adaptation actions that also achieve forest management goals.

Demonstration projects help achieve the intent of the Climate Change Response Framework to support “climate smart” conservation and forest management by testing new ideas and actions, building partnerships, and providing information that can feed into future activities. They engage land owners, forest managers, and the science community in discussion of the potential effects of climate change and solutions to those impacts. Demonstration projects are essential in helping land managers to gain experience in working on climate change issues by focusing on a specific location and set of management issues. The broader ideas and lessons learned can later be used to inform management on a broader scale.

A network of demonstration projects is under development. These projects will engage a variety of land owners, forest managers, and other stakeholders by focusing in a particular location. These groups will identify adaptation actions that will enhance the ability of forests in that place to cope with change and sustain ecological functions and key services. Currently, demonstration projects are in development in the Northwoods (link to Northwoods demo page). Additional demonstration projects will be initiated in other areas after vulnerability assessments and adaptation resources are developed.

  • The County worked with the Sustainable Resources Institute (SRI) and NIACS to consider climate risks and opportunities and brainstorm adaptation actions. They partnered with Michigan Technological University, Wisconsin DNR, and Verso Paper Corporation on a successful application to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Climate Adaptation Fund in 2014, which launched the implementation of this project. Planting and soil amendments have been completed, and monitoring is underway.



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  • Warren Suchovsky, a logger and private landowner, and Rexx Janowiak, a consulting forester, worked together to consider climate change impacts and design management activities to maintain forest health and productivity into the future. These ideas were incorporated into a new NRCS Forest Management Plan for Warren's property.

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  • Although climate change will have dramatic effects on forests over the long term, many natural resource professionals are currently struggling with substantial and immediate challenges associated...

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  • The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is implementing adaptation actions to change forest cover types and add a diversity of hard and soft mast species for wildlife at a large State Game Area.

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  • Cloquet Forestry Center foresters used the Adaptation Workbook to devise several actions to diversify a 70-90 year-old, 12-acre red pine stand near the northern border of the CFC land base (Stand 57).

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  • St. Louis County is Minnesota’s largest county, and their Land and Minerals Department manages more than 900,000 acres of tax forfeit land across the county. Much of this land base is forested and...

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  • The Michigan Technological University (MTU) Research Forest covers more than 5,500 acres of forest land across the western Upper Peninsula, and this land base provides valuable opportunities for...

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  • The Yale Forest’s Quiet Corner Initiative is a partnership between Yale Forests, neighboring landowners, the local forest...

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  • The Village of Hazel Crest is a suburban community of approximately 14,000 residents located south of the City of Chicago. The North and South Sections of the Hazel Crest Open Lands were laid out...

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  • Audubon Vermont and the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation developed the innovative Foresters for the Birds project, which works to maintain working forests and bird habitat by...

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