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The Ozark Highlands region of Missouri is home to a mosaic of forests, open woodlands, savannas, and prairies. The ecosystems of the Missouri Ozark Highlands are part of the larger Central Hardwoods region (also referred to as Eastern Broadleaf Forest) that encompasses much of the east-central United States. Climate change is an additional stressor that could interact with, and in many cases worsen, current stressors to Central Hardwood ecosystems in Missouri.

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  • PPT

    Central Hardwoods Vulnerability Poster

    This poster summarizes some key results of the Central Hardwoods Vulnerability Assessment. It was presented at the 2012 Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting on August 9, 2012.

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    Forest Adaptation Resources

    Forests across the United States are already changing in response to the changing climate, and natural resource professionals increasingly need to address new challenges for management and conservatio...

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  • Brief

    Central Hardwoods Newsletter - April 2012

    This regular newsletter features projects, events, and documents related to climate change and central hardwood forests. The April newsletter features our information about two new research projects t...

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    Lessons Learned from the Climate Change Response Framework Project

    This document present conceptual and applicable lessons learned while developing the Climate Change Response Framework.

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    Central Hardwoods Briefing

    A color handout describing the Central Hardwoods Climate Change Response Framework.

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