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Southern Illinois is home to oak-hickory forests, bald cypress swamps, and the famous Garden of the Gods wilderness area and rock formations. The forests of southern Illinois are part of the larger Central Hardwoods region (also referred to as Eastern Broadleaf Forest) that encompasses much of the east-central United States. Climate change is an additional stressor that could interact with, and in many cases worsen, current stressors to Central Hardwoods ecosystems in Illinois.

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Demonstration Projects

  • Ducks Unlimited, along with the National Wild Turkey Federation and state and federal partners are implementing science-based adaptation strategies to increase bottomland hardwood forest resilience to predicted changes in regional climate regimes, with a specific focus on the Mississippi River and Cache River Bottoms of southern Illinois and Patoka River Bottoms of southwestern Indiana.

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  • Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge is a 43,890 acre refuge in southern Illinois that provides significant resting areas for migratory birds utilizing the Mississippi Flyway and is visited by approximately 1 million people per year.

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